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Our security services are tailored to your needs:

  • Guards (Armed and Unarmed)

  • 24/7 Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Parking Lot & Vehicle Security

  • Patrol and Alarm Response

  • Loss Prevention

  • Event & Concert

  • Luxury Residential Security

  • Discreet Security

Industries we served:

  • Apartment & Residential Complex

  • Commercial Buildings & Offices

  • Retails & Shopping Mall

  • Industrial & Construction Sites

  • Medical Facilities

  • Government Facilities

  • Hotels & Restaurants


Maximum Security Group seeks and demands the very best of recruits. From skill, professionalism, dependability, knowledge, training, and incredible command presence, these armed and unarmed security officers are beasts in their field and will tear through any suspicious situation to keep you and your investment protected. They're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year at a variety of locations. 


Maximum Security's armed and unarmed guards come with an abundance of training and experience. They are ready at a moment’s notice taking their pride of service and your safety as their sole focus on the job. These men and women have endured life’s roughest opponents and are here to bring the same mentality that beat those odds to your service.


Maximum Security guards with ready for action patrol vehicles create the perfect crime preventive team to deter and stop any criminal activities in action.


From government building security to hospital security, we have the team and the ability to scan and sweep the premise to clear out shady presence and eliminate any immediate threat.


Maximum Security Group is set to conform to all your security requirements.  Because your safety and the protection of your possessions is our top priority, we send out only the keenest and most experienced security officers with our state of the art technology on all patrol vehicles. We'll bring light to every corner to drive out everything hidden in the darkness. Rest easy knowing Maximum Security patrol vehicles are on the prowl for you. 


Maximum Security Group has phenomenal premade defensive and protective plans for any situation. We’re prepared for all your special events security requirements. We keep situations and annoyances under control so you can relax and enjoy your events. From large concerts to small weddings or parties, we have plans accommodates all crisis situations.


Maximum Security Group's bodyguards are the stealth muscles provided for your personal safety. They are trained to hone in on and seek out danger in any crowded environment. Eliminating threat and keeping you safe is priority.


Our bodyguards specialize in workplace violence protection, stalker protection, and safeguarding your valuables.

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